Freedom for Streamers

Why Is It Special

Neptune Extension

We believe the viewer shouldn't miss out on any gameplay while they support you! Neptune Extension allows the platform to go to them.

Neptune Mining

Get your viewers to use a small percent of their CPU power to mine Triton(XTRI) and the rewards go to you!

Neptune Tipping

Cut down your costs/fees by using Triton(XTRI) for your donations and tips. We have integrated StreamLabs alerts so your viewers can get their donation in front of everyone!

Neptune Extension

Download it now and support your favorite streamer!


Will mining hurt my computer?

No! Mining only damages computer hardware when the hardware is running 100% 24/7. The default cpu usage is 20%, however we have capped the cpu percentage to 40%. If you are having issues with video playback you can lower the percentage down to 5%.

Can I get taxed on my Neptune tips?

Most countries will only tax crypto when you move the currency to FIAT(USD,EURO,YEN). Still make sure to check with your country laws.

How can I cash out my Triton (XTRI)?

Triton(XTRI) is currently listed on two exchanges, TradeOgre and BitLiber. We will have videos soon to show you how. We are working on creating a simple withdrawl system to your bank account.

How can my viewers get Triton(XTRI)?

Currently they will have to buy bitcoin and then exchange to one of the two exchanges to then buy XTRI. We will have videos soon to show them how! We are working on an easy buy option!

What are the fees?

Neptune currently takes 2% on Neptune Tips and 35% of Neptune Mining rewards. As we grow we will lower the fees.

Is there a referral system?

Yes there is! Every 5 streamers, you get 500 XTRI and each of them will get 100 XTRI.